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As your pregnancy progresses, it will become more and more difficult and even dangerous to sleep on your back as the pressure of your expanding uterus presses down on a major vein, causing you to feel faint and interfering with blood flow. While you may choose to sleep propped up, the optimal position for rest during later trimesters is to lie on your left side, yet unsupported your bump can make this problematic and the strain being placed on your spine can only increase. In order to ensure the optimal position a full body maternity pillow like the Comfort U Total Body Pregnancy Pillow can be used to cradle and support not only your bump but also key problem areas such as the back, hips and neck – while also relieving and elevating tired legs.


The Total Body Pregnancy Pillow measures 20” by 130” (approx. 51 x 330cm) and at over three metres long can be manipulated to fit most bodily sizes and shapes. Provided exclusively by Blowout Bedding this super soft maternity pillow is an Amazon Top Seller with very high ratings, coming with a zippered cover and one-year warranty as standard.

Unlike some full body pregnancy pillows, the Comfort U Total Body Pregnancy Pillow is truly versatile with no inbuilt shape or “grooves” to which your curves are expected to comply. Instead it can be reshaped far beyond the standard ‘U’-shape pictured (although that is extremely comfortable) and many users enjoy it throughout their pregnancies and far beyond. It truly is “oversized” thus admittedly quite bulky, and takes up its fair share of space in the matrimonial bed (in a ‘U’-shape it is practically a wall between you and the dad-to-be). Yet it’s also super soft, supportive where it counts and extremely huggable, making it possibly more enjoyable to sleep with!


  • Flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways, the Total Body negates the need to constantly readjust a bunch of regular pillows underneath your body throughout the night. It has successfully aided people suffering from lower back pain, sciatica, and much more; it can also be used to prop you up in bed while watching TV and as a helpful nursing aid.
  • The Total Body is soft enough to have been likened without irony (over and over again by its reviewers) to “sleeping on a cloud”.
  • No need to purchase a separate cover for ease of cleaning; a zippered cover is provided with the purchase (which is a good thing because at three metres long this pillow isn’t fitting in a standard size washing machine).


  • Just shy of ten feet in length (honestly, the Total Body is massive), this maternity pillow can make smaller beds feel somewhat…claustrophobic. It could also swallow up its more petite users.
  • As with all full body pregnancy pillows the Total Body may cause you to feel overheated in summer.
  • And as with all pregnancy pillows in general, the Total Body’s firmness and size will not work for everybody. While most users do rave about it, some have found it too long or bulky to meet their individual needs.

“Having previously purchased other full body maternity pillows and found them wanting, the Comfort U Total Body Pregnancy Pillow had a lot to live up to. Some of the longer pregnancy pillows were nowhere near firm enough for me – one flattened out like a pancake within two weeks! – and another that I tried was horribly coarse and irritated my skin (that last one cost more than the Total Body Pregnancy Pillow), so you can see why I didn’t expect too much.

But upon this pillow’s arrival, I was very pleasantly surprised. The box was nowhere near as big and heavy as expected (I almost worried at this point that I had the wrong product) and the actual pillow was beautifully soft with or without its included cover, which thankfully also has a zipper (believe me, it makes it so much easier to put back on!).

I was really looking forward to the first night’s trial, and it did not disappoint – the Comfort U Total Body Pregnancy Pillow wrapped around me like a soft cocoon and almost my entire body felt comfortable throughout the first night, even my gigantic (as it feels to me anyway!) bump. I’m still adjusting to having this pillow under my neck because it’s a bit wider and firmer than my normal pillow, but I’ll figure it out. Extra thumbs up because I managed to stay on my side all night, and when I did turn over this pillow was still right there holding me.

My one complaint about this pillow isn’t really a complaint at all because they made it pretty clear before I bought it, but it is HUGE. We sleep in a Queen and it still takes up loads of bed room, which means I take up even more room than I did before and hubby is sort of clinging to the side. I don’t see any problem with this because if ever I deserved to take up an entire Queen-sized bed it’s now (!) and afterwards he can use it in the TV room.

I would definitely recommend this pillow. My nights have vastly improved and my back feels much better already having used it for just a few nights.”

Sarah M.

Mother of 2

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