Hi, my name is Renee Downes. I am a mother of 2, and passionate in beauty and cooking! I started this blog during my first pregnancy, and it was so hard to get a good night’s sleep. I remembered one evening, I was so restless that I told my poor husband to breathe a little quieter since it was keeping me awake. But we came to realize that his gentle nose-whistle was not the problem. That’s when I discovered a pregnancy pillow and how it saved my sleep (and marriage!). With this blog I hope to help other pregnant women find comfort during the night and get the rest they so deserve.


PregnancyPillows.org ultimately aims to bring you the most complete information on pregnancy pillows, and how they can help you achieve a comfortable good night sleep. We will be reviewing all the best pregnancy pillows available in the market. And along with all our reader’s help, we strive to¬†provide honest and helpful reviews for every maternity pillows out there. Hopefully this website will be able to help you along your journey in finding the best pregnancy pillow for you and your precious¬†bump.