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While some mothers-to-be like to sleep propped up, most prefer to lie on their side (and the left side is the optimal position according to doctors). As the trimesters advance and your bump grows, any position can become exceedingly uncomfortable without support – and a good maternity pillow could make all the difference to your sleep. But what if you’re not comfortable in only one position? It’s normal to find that your needs change with time (or even over the course of one night), but not all pregnancy pillows are able to adapt with you. If what you need is versatility as well as comfort, the Leachco Body Bumper Contoured Body Pillow System may very well be your answer…

The Leachco Body Bumper Contoured Body Pillow System is a new design for maternity pillows. Featuring one large, curved body pillow for your back and a smaller body “bumper” for your stomach, the bumper slides up and down the body pillow and even rotates to ensure a proper fit with multiple positioning options (try sleeping facing the body pillow with the body bumper supporting your back). With adjustable support for your hips, legs, belly and back, and complete with its own removable, washable zippered cover for ease of cleaning, the Body Bumper Contoured Body Pillow System will help to provide your entire body with the full comfort and support it needs for pregnancy and beyond.


  • Both pillows comprising the Body Bumper can also be used separately for even greater flexibility.

  • With fully adjustable support, the back pillow (which can also be placed between the knees) and belly “bumper” may be moved into a variety of positions, and are not fixed in place.

  • When used sidelying, the Body Bumper aligns your joints into a neutral position; it can also be used as a reclining pillow if you need to sleep propped up or as a cushioning support when sat upright/nursing.


  • Depending on the size of your bed, the Body Bumper can feel cumbersome or too large – though probably no more than any other full body pillow between the sheets.

  • Although they are adjustable, the gap between the body pillow and “bumper” will not work for every woman’s size and shape – and many find that they have to grow into it over time.

  • The Body Bumper is at the higher end of the market in terms of price.

“Although many full body pregnancy pillows look more or less exactly the same, every so often you spot one with a totally new design or concept. Judging by appearances, the Leachco Body Bumper Contoured Body Pillow System is definitely one of these – and I looked forward to finding out how it was going to work.

One of the first things I noticed about this pillow was the level of support. While firmness in definitely a matter of personal preference – there’s no pleasing everyone – I found it pretty much spot on, not too soft, not too firm, just right! I can’t say if it wouldn’t flatten over time as I haven’t trialled it for long enough yet, but it certainly feels like it would stay the distance, and the cover material is pleasantly smooth and soft.

Playing around with different methods to enjoy this pillow, I found at least five different ways to use it comfortably, 1) with the bumper behind my back hugging the body pillow (great for aching legs), 2) with the bumper supporting my tummy in a semi-foetal side position while the body pillow supported my back, 3) with the bumper on its own as a wedge, 4) turned over so I could sit propped up and 5) reversed with me semi-reclined. They all worked, although the optimal position for me at the moment was the former (I am sure this will change over time and I am glad the pillow could change with me).

I am also certain that the Leachco Body Bumper Contoured Body Pillow will be a valuable nursing aid.”

Vivi T.

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