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While it is possible to prop your body up with conventional pillows as your pregnancy advances, you will probably begin to find the constant need to reposition them in the night rather taxing as the later trimesters begin. A full body maternity pillow can take the place of the nest of regular pillows, and will have been designed with your body’s needs in mind to offer you that all-important good night’s sleep. Soft and supportive, a really good pregnancy pillow can make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but with so many ranges to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? And how can you ensure it’s as comfortable as you would want (not to mention, deserve)?


The Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow has been created after almost a year’s rigorous testing and analysis of other maternity pillows to make sure that certain frustrating problems often experienced by body pillow users can be solved once and for all. Demonstrating that all pillows are not created equal, the makers of the Bump Nest collected shedloads of data to offer a unique and unrivalled quality of comfort and support that has been uniquely and therapeutically designed.

Gone is the stiff stitching that might in lesser products have painfully dug into the sleeping mother’s neck: the Bump Nest features patented seamless inner curvature as well as premium knitted interlocking fabrics to promise a soft and secure space to rest your head (and neck and back and legs and stomach…), so that the quality of your slumber immediately improves.

No more wrestling with the pillow-case either (or worse, having to spend extra on a new one): here we have an entirely machine-washable pillow plus invisibly zipped removable cover, safeguarding that all-important sleep hygiene (which could make all the difference in cases of snoring and sleep apnoea if allergy-induced).

The Bump Nest is both luxurious and therapeutically designed with intelligent enhancements that minimise the strain on your bump, back, legs, neck and hips. It is very helpful for sufferers of sciatica, lower back pain, restless leg syndrome and even symphysis pubis dysfunction. It is also available in a range of colours, making it as attractive as it is cleverly designed.


  • The Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow features high-quality, repositionable stuffing surrounded by a flexible stretch-knit fabric that allows it a great range of movement, so it can be perfectly fitted to your body’s unique needs.

  • Both the removable pillow case and the Bump Nest itself are totally machine washable and will fit into a standard front-loading washing machine. The pillow case zip is also invisible for your comfort.

  • The Bump Nest was invented with mothers of all heights and shapes in mind, and has been therapeutically designed to support a wide range of medical issues from back pain to sciatica.



  • Truly luxurious, the Bump Nest has a price to match – and can be as much as ten times more expensive than its cheaper competitors

  • Although it starts out luxuriously soft and plump, some users report that the Bump Nest can thin over time – but you could try washing and fluffing it up to resolve the issue

  • Since it’s not a full ‘U’-shape, the Bump Nest may require repositioning if you find that you turn over in your sleep – although you can try bringing the long ‘arm’ forward from the back to support your legs that way instead.

“Both times I have been pregnant I have suffered Pelvic Girdle Pain as well as regular back pain, so I’ve tried a lot of maternity pillows over the years. Despite most of them having a fairly high price tag (or at least, that’s how my husband saw it – in his words, “it’s just a big pillow, isn’t it?”) they all fell short one way or another, whether it be due to too much or too little firmness, the cover feeling cheap and coarse with a zip that scratched my skin, or the size being way over- or under-proportioned (and the ones that don’t take up all the bed, wedges, don’t do anything for my back or legs). So I was very curious to see if the Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow could live up to the hype.

A few weeks in, I have to say it did. Loads of fellow reviewers have been raving about this pillow, and I can totally see why – it’s soft and comfy like sleeping on a cloud, but also supportive enough to relieve a lot of the pain I normally wake up to in the morning. I’m sleeping really well, and haven’t found it at all too hot (although we live in Wales, so that’s unlikely anyway). Yes it’s pricy but I’m pretty much convinced that it’s worth it – although give it time to see if the cushion sags.

I love the fact that I can wash this pillow, which is something I’ve never seen in a full body pregnancy pillow before. And I also love the Bump Nest range of colours – the one I chose (‘Stone Scallop’) seems very understated, although not quite the same hue as pictured in catalogue. I’ve had to really search for a negative, but the one thing I would say is that it was a little uncomfortable for my neck at first – but only because I normally use a memory foam pillow, and had to adjust. Otherwise it’s a Ten out of Ten!”

Monica J.

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