Here we are again at, oday we are going to be talking about how to use a pregnancy pillow. It’s important not only to buy the correct body pillow, and to buy the best one you can afford, but also to ensure that you are using the pillow properly so as to get the very best in pain relief and comfort. The doctors at recommend support pillows for pain at all stages of life, and especially during pregnancy, when back pain can be worsened by poor posture, weight gain, and hormone changes. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the right pillow, so as we go through the types of pillows and how to use them, we’ll be reiterating how they differ from the other types of pillow, and the pros and cons of each. Let’s get to it.

U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

how to use pregnancy pillowThe U-shaped pillow is the largest of all the pillows, and is designed to wrap around your entire body, providing simultaneous support to all areas at once. If you are not used to sleeping on your side, or if you are prone to rolling, or if you just want more customizable support, this may be a good option.

What we like

Who doesn’t like being surrounded by pillows? This gives you support wherever you need it, and helps maintaining your position through the night. Like the C-shape pillow, it can be used to position a new baby for help with breastfeeding, and can be used to help you prop yourself up as you read in bed.

What we don’t like

This thing is huge. Seriously, really big. Because of the space commitment, partners may find themselves relegated to couches. Some women who struggle with feelings of claustrophobia may wish to steer clear of this kind of pillow. What many mothers might think of as cozy, others might find uncomfortable. Here you can read a review of one of the most popular U shaped maternity pillow that we have compiled, which is called Comfort U Total Body Pillow.

How to use c shape pregnancy pillow

Start with the pillow on the bed where you would normally lie down. It should resemble an upside-down “U” with the open end down. Lay in the gap between the two pillow “arms” and arrange the pillow from there. Again lying on your side, support the belly first, then bring the lower part of one arm between your legs, and find a comfy position for your head at the apex of the pillow, and make sure that the arm at your back is nestled close, hugging your spine, for maximum support.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

The wedge type pillow, you’ll remember, is just that. It’s a small wedge shaped pillow, often made of dense foam, the supports only your belly as you sleep. This can be a very good solution is you are finding yourself not having too much of a problem with back pain but still needing a little extra support as you sleep on your side. This is especially nice if you are already a side sleeper and don’t have much worry about rolling onto your back at night.

What we like

It’s small, it’s portable, and it’s lightweight. The wedge style pillow travels everywhere and travels easily. It takes up almost no room in your bed, and won’t need to be constantly rearranged during the night. If you are having issues with congestion, it gives you the freedom to have another pillow for your head, as keeping your head at a different height than the rest of your body can help alleviate congestion. An example of this type of pillow is the Boppy Prenatal Sleep Wedge.

What we don’t like

If you are having back pain of any kind, this type of pillow really isn’t going to give you the support you need to help that pain. It is for belly support only, so if you find yourself needing support for your hips, back, or neck, it may be worth it to go with a larger pillow.

How to use wedge pregnancy pillow

The goal of a pregnancy wedge is to take the pressure off your torso as it supports your belly. The wedge should rest beneath your belly, with the thin end closest to your body. Ensure that it is positioned close enough to your body that it is taking all of the weight of your belly. You should feel a lessening of discomfort in your body as your belly stops pulling on your spine and hips. The most important part of using a wedge is making sure it is all the way underneath your belly. If it is not taking all the weight of your belly, it isn’t doing you much good.

C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

A C-shaped is also named for its shape. It looks like a modified letter C, with an area to support the hips, belly, and head. This is good if you are having back pain but can’t or don’t want the space investment or monetary investment that comes with the full-sized U-shaped pillow.

What we like

The C-shaped pillow gives you support where it’s needed without having to fiddle with multiple pillows. One positioning and you are all set for the night, which makes it a low-maintenance option. It supports multiple body parts at once, and is versatile. It can be used to support you sitting up in bed, and, once baby arrives, can be used to facilitate and breastfeeding relationship and assist with positioning baby and mother together. A great example of this pillow is the Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow.

What we don’t like

C-shaped pillows don’t take up too much space, but this also means that they have a few drawbacks. They can’t support the back and belly at the same time, which some may find inconvenient, and they do not stop you from rolling to your back, which can be problematic late in pregnancy.

How to use c shaped pregnancy pillow

Lying on your left side, place the middle portion under your belly, again making sure that it is close enough to your body to fully support you. Place the lower section of the pillow between your knees, keeping your knees and hips flexed. You should feel pressure being taken off of your hips and pelvis as you do this. Finally, place the upper portion on the pillow beneath your head, in whatever way feels most comfortable for you. Alternately, you can do this backwards, placing the pillow at your back to support your spine, but with the lower and upper sections still supporting your hips and head.

Happily, pregnancy pillows are pretty easy to use, and once you have found a position that works for you, you will quickly fall into a routine of arranging the pillow how you like it and then drifting off into a pain-free, hopefully uninterrupted sleep.